19" Rack na stenu 9U, čierny 505x570x450 mm
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Výrobca Value
Katalógové číslo 26.99.0149-1
Kód produktu 26990149
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  • Stand/wall mount cabinets for the installation of active and passive network components
  • Toughened glass front with lock with rotary handle, the direction of opening the door can be changed according to the requirement, the opening degree of the door is more than 180°
  • Quick open side door, convenient for equipment installation and maintaining
  • One cable channel on the top and the other on the bottom
  • 19" standard installation, installation depth can be adjusted according to the requirement
  • Colour: Black

  • Contents: Wall mount rack, grounding set, installation material

Technické dáta

Product group 19"-/10"-Cabinet
Content of delivery Wall mount rack, grounding set, installation material
Conveyance good Yes
Server cabinet No
Height units U 9
Socket No
Socket with tilt protection No
Dimensions (HxWxD) w/o socket 505 x 570 x 465 mm
Utilisable installation dept in mm 350 mm
Prevention type IP 40
Front Glass door with frame
Side panel Plug door
19" level Ahead
Roof Cable entry possibility
Roof raised No
Floor Closed
Ventilation Passive
Grounding set mounted No
Adjustable feets not applicable
Fan ready Yes
Colour (Cabinet) black
Colour (Covering) black
Colour black