Video distribútor / splitter HDMI 1IN/8OUT UHD (2k/4k)
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Výrobca ClickTronic
Katalógové číslo C.60807
Kód produktu 60807
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Full HD splitter 1x8
Switches up to 8 HDMI+ signals to a screen

Who wants to watch the same thing on TV all the time?
Nobody. But if you+re different, we might have
something just for you: The Full HD Splitter simply
splits a HDMI+ input signal. One becomes
two - without loss of quality, with 1080p and up to a
distance of 20.0 m. If, later, two screens are not
enough - no matter whether at your business,
at the trade fair or in the conference room - you can
easily expand the system by coupling with more
splitters to up to 64 screens. Don+t let anyone tell
you that more of the same is not a good idea!

Transmission modes:digital audio+videosignals
integrated signal amplification:yes
max. Bandwidth (MHz):225,00
max. transfer rate (Gb / s)4,95
max. resolution:Full HD (1080p)
usable up to cable length (m):per cable max. 10