Fiber kábel LC-LC,10m Duplex OM4(50/125µm) low-loss konektor, pre datacentra
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Výrobca Roline
Katalógové číslo 21.15.8880
Kód produktu 21158880
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  • Security for the future! The OM4 fiber and connector quality with very low insertion ensure an excellent quality at very high bandwidths.
  • It supports 10 Gb/s Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and OIF applications to 550 meters, extends the system cost benefits to ultra long building backbones and medium length campus backbones.
  • Material and clothing in ROLINE quality
  • The cable assembled with "low-loss" connectors achieve very good values for insertion loss and reflection. In comparison:
- Typical attenuation of a standard LC connector: 0.5 dB
- Typical attenuation of a low-loss LC connector: 0.15 dB
  • Modal Bandwidth: 4700 MHz-km (this bandwidth is based on application-specific implementation of the EMBC requirements)
  • Duplex cables with fiber type Multi-mode 50/125µm, OM4
  • Color: purple

Technické dáta

Product group Fibre optic cable
Conveyance good No
Quantity of fibre 2
Conductor composition Compact conductor
Cable type Duplex Cable
External cable No
Fibre section 50/125µm OM4
Length 0.5 m
side 1 connector type LC
side 1 connector ferrules low loss
side 2 connector type LC
side 2 connector ferrules low loss
Colour (Cable) violet
Kevlar strain relief Yes
Crossed not applicable
External cable diameter 2,8x6 mm
Mantle of external cable LS0H
Halogen free cable Yes
Konektory LC-LC
Typ kábla Duplex
Typ vlákna Multimod OM4(50/125µm)
Dĺžka kábla 10m
Prevedenie low-loss konektor
Výrobca Roline