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Kábel HDMI/HDMI micro M/M, 5m, HiSpeed+Eth C
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Výrobca ClickTronic
Katalógové číslo C.70330
Kód produktu 70330
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Micro-HDMI+adapter cable with Ethernet(HDMI A/HDMI C)
5,0 m high speed adapter from HDMI+ to Micro-HDMI+

Enjoy movies and games clearly in high resolution
and dazzling quality. What does this cable do
to an audio video signal? Nothing.
It is, however, precisely this feature
which proves its quality. Thanks to pure
materials, precise processing, and modern
echnology, it combines your HDMI+
device with mobile appliances. Therefore, you can
be sure that you get the experience exactly
as it was meant to be.

Plug material:triple-coated PVC / ABS
Port 1, type:HDMI+ connector (type A)
Port 2, type:HDMI+ micro connector (type D)
Type:Round cable
Length (m):5
Inner conductor material:OFC (Oxygen free copper)
Number of shieldings:2 x
Type of 1st shieldingAluminium foil
Type of 2nd shieldingCu braid 64 wires x 0,1mm
Outer sheath diameter (mm):5
max. Bandwidth (MHz):340
max. transfer rate (Gb / s)10,2
max. resolution:4K (2160p)
Certification:ATC Authorized Testing Centers
Dĺžka 5m