Kábel RS232 25pin F/F 3m
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Výrobca Roline
Katalógové číslo 11.01.3730-50
Kód produktu 11013730
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  • Cable with two 25-pole D-Sub connectors
  • Connects a switchbox with a computer or two serial interfaces
  • 25 lines connected 1:1
  • Screen line connected to the cable foil screen and both connectors
  • Connector casing moulded with special plastic for best strain relief
  • Very good screening prevents data loss and electromagnetic inter- ference
  • Hand locking screws
  • Bronze contacts with gold coating

Technické dáta

Product group Cable
Product type 25pin 1: 1 cable / RS232
Colour grey
Length 3 m
Connection ports Female / Female
side 1 connector 25 pin Female
side 2 connector 25 pin Female
Side 1 Connector Type D-Sub 25-pin (DB-25)
Side 1 Connector Gender Female
Side 2 Connector Type D-Sub 25-pin (DB-25)
Side 2 Connector Gender Female
Cable shielding Screened
Hand locking screws Yes
Gross weight 17
Current catalog edition C19-03.13