Kábel USB 2.0 A/MICRO-B 0.5m C
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Katalógové číslo C.64002
Kód produktu 64002
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Micro USB 2.0 cable
0.5 m adapter cable to Micro type-B USB plugs

Transmit data from mobile hard disks, Smartphones,
tablets, cameras or other peripheral devices. USB 2.0
permits transmission speeds of up to 480 Megabits
per second and has been the established interface
for years. Its double signal shielding, pure materials
and precise workmanship enable this cable to transmit
your data perfectly and without distortion.

Plug material:triple-coated PVC / ABS
Port 1, type:USB 2.0 plug (type A)
Port 2, type:Micro USB 2.0 plug (type B)
standardUSB 2.0
Type:Round cable
shielding immunitydouble shielded
Length (m):0,5
inner conductor2xAWG 28 2xAWG 28 copper
configurationA plug > micro B plug
Inner conductor material:OFC (Oxygen free copper)
Number of shieldings:2 x
Type of 1st shieldingAluminium foil