LIFT modul 3xUTE, 2xCAT6, 3m nap. + patch kábel
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Katalógové číslo 904.005
Kód produktu 904.005
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LIFT is the totally practical combination of sophisticated design and high-precision mechanics. The unit is recessed neatly in the top of the desk or table when not in use. Simply touch to raise out of the desk or table ready for docking on all four sides. Once you have finished using the LIFT unit, simply push it back into its initial recessed position by hand.

LIFT can be supplied in a variety of power and data connection configurations. The most compact unit needs a drill hole just 140 mm in diameter for installation. In both the closed and open states, the unit´s built-in depth is only 195 mm.

By setting cutting-edge technology in motion, LIFT is making power and data supply a truly enjoyable experience.

The advantages at a glance

  • Simply touch to raise
  • Design that can´t fail to impress
  • Access points on four sides
  • Incredibly compact dimensions
  • Low built-in depth
  • 4 plug-in units per U