Box modulárny biely pre 4 SNAP-IN Modul, box-L73089
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Výrobca LINDY
Katalógové číslo L60542
Kód produktu L60542
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  • Supplied with fixing screws and labels
  • May be surface or flush mounted
  • Can accommodate 4 modules from our Modular AV Extender Wall Plate System or AV Face Plate System
  • Blanking plates can be used if less than 4 modules are installed
  • Requires a back box with a minimum depth of 44mm or greater
  • Dimensions: 86 x 146mm
  • Colour: White
  • Warranty: 2 years

Use in conjunction with a Double Surface Pattress Box.

This single gang face plate is designed to be used with the LINDY Modular AV Extender Wall Plate System or AV Face Plate System which are designed to extend a combination of audio and video signals over low cost Cat5e/6 cable. Choose from a range of snap in modules, including VGA, RCA/Phono and S-Video combinations. Up to 4 modules can be installed in this face plate. If installing less than 4 modules,blanking plates can be used for a tidier installation. Also available are a range of accessories including face plates, back boxes and bulk cable for a total extender solution.